Complaint against Banker reg Form 16A not issued

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  1. j_srikumar

    j_srikumar New Member

    Could you please let me know how and where to complain about the Bank which has failed to issue Form 16A after making me wait for more than 3 months? Should I write to Bangalore CPC as I am filing online? My jurisdiction is in Chennai. Is there a grievance cell for online complaints in the IT dept?

    Several complaints to the Bank and Branch were in vain. I waited till 8.30 pm on 31st July and then filed my returns. I want to make a complaint and get the TDS set right. In such a case, will the IT dept give credit to the same if I present a Revised return?
  2. Prabal

    Prabal New Member

    Write to the Grievance cell of the Bank HO ; mark a copy to the CCIT of Chennai relevant to your circle and CIT Grievances

    If you have claimed the TDS in yr return, then no rectified return is required : however, the CPC will refund the due only when the 26AS reflects the TDS. Till then the amount will be shown as recoverable from you as a demand...but generally no action is taken by the ITO.
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