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  1. Pallavi1611

    Pallavi1611 New Member


    I have a query regarding my last day of articleship. I started my articleship on 1st September 2012 and after consideration of 3 years, my last day should be 31st August 2015. My CA final attempt was supposed to be May 2015 but I could take that up since I have not cleared my IPCC Group-2 yet.

    The eligible number of leaves during my 3 years of articleship that I am entitled to is 156 days. Out of this 156 days, I have availed 56 days already. So, I am still left with 100 days that I can avail. Hence, my last day wherein I am physically working as an article should be 23rd May 2015 though i may or may not write CA final in November 2015. My query is that does the pre-termination of articleship, i.e., from 31st August to 23rd May depend on my final attempt or on my leave eligibility? ICAI leave regulations does not specify about how exactly should I avail the eligible days of leave.
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Your articleship will officially end on 31st Aug 2015 after which you'll have to get the articleship completion form signed by your CA and submit to icai.

    In this form, you will mention that you were on leaves from 23rd May to 31st Aug.

    Therefore 23rd May to 31st aug is your leave period and your articleship will officially end on 31st Aug
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