Compliance email from Income Tax Dept.?

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  1. Poomi

    Poomi New Member

    I recived Compliance email couple of days ago from Income Tax Dept.. My returns for A.Y. 2010-11, 2011-12 were not filed and moreover these are time barred now. Actually I missed them unwillingly, just because I forgot them to do, I admit this was my negligence since I was under impression that when TDS were deducted by employer, then what was the sheer need to file the returns. My mistake !!

    Now I am pretty much worried as to what will happen and how can I file these time barred returns?

    In eFiling website, my 'Related Information Summary' tab only asking about TDS information (TDS-92B) for F.Y. 2009-10 and 2010-11. My TDS and Tax Credit 26AS matches perfectly and I have no tax due for the respective A.Y. years

    If someone can very kindly guide me in:-

    1. What I should select in the "Response" and "Reason" under Filing of Income Tax Return tab in
    "Submit Compliance Form" In eFiling website?
    2. What in the 'My 'Related Information Summary' tab in "Submit Compliance Form" In eFiling
    3. How to file these time barred returns?
    4. Is there any penalty to be incurred?
    5. How and who to approach in Local IT office?
    6. What documents are needed to file them now?

    Awaiting reply.....Thanks so much in advance...

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member


    When your Net Total Income is above Basic Exemption Limit (e.g. 2 Lacs), than you are suppose to File IT Return. It doesn't matter whether your TDS get deducted or not, but return filing is important.

    On receiving letter for Compliance,.. you shall reply that... returns are under preparation, and shall be submitted as soon as possible,... as you are required to reply within 10-15 days.

    Before Filing the return,...
    > Make sure you consider all your Income,... right from Salary,... to Bank Interest, Rent Income, Gain on Sale of Property or any Income in any form,...
    > Fill form in Carefully,...
    > Choose proper ITR Form, as per your Income

    You can file such returns online, from E-filing site,... after login,... either in "e-file tab" > submit return or in "Compliance Tab"

    There will be no penalty, if ultimately there is No Tax Payable on you,... so be relax...

    If you are filing returns online, then no documents required to be furnished other than ITR Form

    Initially not required to visit local ITO, cos Compliance Notice comes from Delhi,.. so do all compliance online, on your own,..

    Still you find it difficult, you can approach a CA, nearby you... he/she will do all compliance on behalf of you...
  3. Poomi

    Poomi New Member

    Thanks so much Vaibhav for your such a prompt reply...But can you kindly tell me the step by step procedure to file returns for A.Y. 2010-11, 2011-12 in Income Tax eFiling website?

    I know I am bothering you, but I am helpless.....I asked so many people and nobody could answer this !!

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    Download ITR Return in Excel Format or Java, first fill it, validate it,... and Generate XML...
    such XML files are suppose to be uploaded...

    After Log in into your E-filing Account...
    Firstly go to "Compliance Tab", and fill the Compliance Form...
    If there is place to upload Returns while filing Compliance Form, than it is best, you can upload from there,...
    If no place to upload at compliance Tab,
    then come to... "e-file" Tab, and than > Upload Return option...
    there you can choose relevant Assessment Year, and ITR Form, as in your Case....

    You check your Compliance status, in your Compliance Tab.

    If finding difficult or confusing or risky... than simple is to appoint a CA...!!!
  5. Poomi

    Poomi New Member

    Thanks again. Filing returns for A.Y. 2010-11, 2011-12 online is not permitted now and the end date is expired. So can't file for those years now.

    1. Under Compliance tab, should I select " ITR has not been filed" as Response and "Return under preparation" as Reason ?? (Pls. refer screenshot)
    2. What should I write as Remarks ?? (Pls. refer screenshot)
    3. Submit the form.
    4. What next.................???


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    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    as I said earlier - Return under Preparation....

    u can file for those year online,.. via... "e-file" Tab, and than > Upload Return option...

    if not, than do offline...
  7. Mrunal Bhatt

    Mrunal Bhatt New Member

    boss simple hai , u have any other income except salary ?
    and if your salary willbe riceved after TDS than it s your emloyars libality to give intimation to u
  8. dipesh-stuff

    dipesh-stuff New Member

  9. ursweetfriend4life

    ursweetfriend4life New Member

    I got one letter from IT dept regarding this compliance, I had never filed return as i am not working anymore and my income is very less average of 15000/- per month earned through part time work. i had some credit card and i had actually used it for more than 200000 per year, that is the reason i had received this letter. Actually i had used the card for parents, friends and relatives. Now can somebody suggest me what should i do? I registered in the income tax website with my PAN and can see the submit compliance form option. what should i fill up? Response- Return Not filed. Reason- Income Not taxable. And In the related information summary It shows a entry for exceeding 2L with a banking company in 2012-2013
  10. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    @ursweetfriend4life : You can simply mention that your income was not taxable for that year and therefore you didnt file the income tax return
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