Copy of acknowledgement of response to non filing of income tax notice not submitted to Ass. officer

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  1. Ibrahim Bhabhu

    Ibrahim Bhabhu New Member


    I had received the following notice from Income tax on 15th March 2016 for non filing of return for Assesment year 2014 - 2015.

    Notice states below :


    Subject : Non filing of Income tax return - Reg.

    1.The Income tax Department has received information on financial transaction/activities relating to you.A list of some of the information for financial year 2013-14 is provided below.As per records, you do not appear to have filed Income tax Returns for Assessment year(s) 2014-15.

    2.You are requested to furnish your response in the compliance module on the efiling portal at ( if you are not registered with e-filing portal,use the register yourself link to register.The response to this letter has to be submitted electronically by clicking on the compliance link after logging into the e-filing portal.You may keep the printout of the aknowledgement of of submitted response for your own record.

    3.A copy of the acknowledgement is required to be submitted to the office of the undersigned within 20 days of receipt of this letter failing which appropriate proceedings under Income tax Act,1961 may be initiated.

    I had submitted my response online in compliance module on 19th March 2016 but i missed to send the copy of acknowledgement to the Income tax office as stated in point 3.

    What should i do now should i send the copy of acknowledgement now or leave it as is as 20 days are already been passed.

    I am concerned because one of the transaction which stated in the notice was of contract of value more than Rs 10,00,000 in commodity exchange and i had not carried out any such transaction. So i am concerned whether income tax officer does not add this to my income under the impression that no response is received as the copy of acknowledgement is not submitted.

    Please guide me on this.
  2. I will suggest you to also submit hard copy of response to assessing officer and request him to condone the delay in response. That will be a better way to do it, in my view.
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