cs results- fooling students

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  1. rahulkumar.delhi

    rahulkumar.delhi New Member

    Dear All,

    CS institute has almost 3,60,000 registered student(as found on net) ,on an average every student pay around Rs. 40,000- 50,000 total fees during Foundation to Professional including the exam fees (Rs. Admission fees Rs. 23,000 + on an average every students pays Rs. 17000 as exam fess) even more actually as students passes CS exam in many attempts. Apart from this they are charging membership money from members and oral coaching and advertisement and bla , bla, bla…..that means from these 3,60,000 students they have received around1800 crore , where this money is going best known to the council members. Is any land deal is involved in it then for surely it may cost.

    The institute vision is

    ""To be a global leader in promoting Good Corporate Governance" by 2020

    whereas till date how many global leaders it has created that remains a question ?

    There was an incident when the law was passed to not to keep the CS even in a private limited company whose capital was Rs. 5 cr. Then the Inst. Was a mute spectator.

    In the name of corporate governance they are making a lot of hue and cry where as everybody knows there is everything in the hand of the directors of the company and CS is just a puppet in the company. It is the work of SEBI.

    Now the council members are holding a global convention at the expense of the students/ members in London. In India recently the scenario is that the Institute has failed to create proper jobs ie., the students after passing are not able to get even job worth Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 and it is disheartening that only the council members are becoming rich and new members are not even able to get a job or somehow manage to get a job as aforsaid.

    The admission fees charged back in 2000 was Rs. 250 which has become Rs. 4500. In the last 14yrs is the inflation is so at higher rate.

    The exam fees charged by the Institute in professional are Rs. 4800 for all the groups. For a poor average student it is difficult to pay this amount and what if he fails. The Institute seems only in money making. The staff is enjoying very high salary. Everything is getting online, if one goes to Institute will find there is over staffing and misbehavior of the staff who are actually working pathetic than the Government offices. Coming around 10 am and going at 5 pm, lunch break for 1 hour and everybody knows how much work is there in the Institute and yes Saturday off. After their coming, gossip for 1 hour and then around 4.30 p.m. preparation for going to home and not to pick any phone calls after 4.30 pm.

    Now, for result of June 2014 there are lots of questions. There are four groups in Professional Examination and 3 in new syllabus. Is it possible that only 2 students can pass in the entire professional (Final) examination in new syllabus and they are only one who has got the merit? If they are not able to create job they cannot start failing students especially in the north and central India. The rank given to above is also wrong. It is clearly mentioned in the Institute prospectus that a students must secure 55% to be placed in the merit list whereas surprisingly none of the students in the new syllabus have got the 55%. Whether all the students have gone dumb? The students do felt that have been cheated by the Institute as the result in many of North/ Center region centers is vey bad. For example if I say for Group 4(of 2 subjects)– there are instances where none of the students passed in the entire class of 40 students, also in certain class of 40 - 50 students barely 3 to 4 only managed to pass. To my surprise there is regional discrimination also. The result of Eastern/southern India has done well. How is it possible that all the students in north or center India become so dumb? The rechecking fess is 2.5 times higher than CA exams and students are having a intuition that nothing is done in rechecking. When a student who is to get 70 + and he get 40 marks he surely feels something is wrong and some of the readers may feel that the expectation of students are always high but actually it is not so The student is reasonable enough to assume that. Where the assumption of 50 to 60 marks was there the students have just got 15 to 20 marks.

    Its better the Institute keep a transparency in their exams that we will pass only stipulated students in a group since majority of students have got 15 to 20 marks in a theory subject expecting their marks in 50’s as in the earlier attempt also they have managed to get 45+ and in theory subjects one can easily get20 marks if he reads just for 2 days before the exams. The curriculum set is also not very good. The Subjects like WTO and their organization are practically no use to a CS.

    In IIT /IIM the students are taken admission on the basis of merit but once admitted their completion of IIT in four years is secured. The criteria for their selection is not questionable. But in CA/CS case all the students are given admission they will be passed easily till Intermediate or 2nd level and after that they are being failed but by that time the Institute makes a lot of money from the students which is specially with the CS they easily pass the students till Inter(executive) and after that they show their flying colors.

    The worse is the case of CA institute and the members with 5-8 years are in humiliating for not getting a better job. It is passing every year around 9000 to 10000 CA and not able to create jobs. The way the CA Institute is passing the students is must be better called as Institute of Accountants. The pattern of examination is such that the Institutes are just money making like other MBA institutes but are failed to generate the jobs. The situation is making no. of jobless members to think to commit suicide. If after so much of hard work in passing CA one is not able to get a proper job what is the use of doing CA .

    The Members of NIRC are going to Dubai at the expenses of Students and conducting seminars or conventions? It will be better for both the Inst. to not to go in money making process and better creates job and also the exam pattern be held on the same line as that of IIT. This things must be stopped and the annual membership for the members and student fees should be reduced so that unnecessary burden from not be created on the members and students and the society as a whole. Also, I would say to students that better go for M.B.A but do not go for CA/CS as it does not gives you a job security as thousands of today are hunting jobs and sitting idle in their house being mute and thinking why i did a blunder to do CA/CS.

    By A member of the Institute.
  2. shiv thapa

    shiv thapa New Member

    What about cma.. Cma institute is passing 0.9% student.. dont knw y i hab joined dis course... :(
  3. Vignesh Iyer

    Vignesh Iyer New Member

    The most surprising thing is when i went to register in august month,2013, they said registration for the new course is from sept 1 2013 and if u register for that new course u can only attempt 1 module out of 3 in june exam!!
    the most interesting situation is how did the institute allow few students to appear for new course all subjects!!
    the rank holders have attempted all 9 subjects is what disturbs me to a very big extent!!
    i then had to opt for old syllabus as i was nt willing to waste my 6 months just for the case of new subjects!
    i managed to clear all 4 grps of old syllabus but the thing is i wasent able to study the new syllabus
    Please dont compare situation of CA and CS exams at all!!
    CA have campus placements for student and average salary in campus is around 4-6L p.a ... Most of them are placed
    I have never heard abt campus for CS students!!
    Plus CA final charges 2200 for examination fees of final level whereas CS charges 4800..
    I feel CA institute is reasonable in terms of that and also there is security to an extent about the job!
    I cannot comment on Regional Discrimination as such.
    Please dont insult IIT-IIM by comparing it to CS..
    U r talking about sheer work ethics when it comes to IIT-IIM, its a reality check for the brainies.
    the students take such high level exams and presentation, they obviously will get into top companies!
    But overall MBA is only good if u do it from good B-school or the career is complete waste
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