Date of Applicability of New Service Tax Rate @ 14%

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  1. neeru singh

    neeru singh New Member

    Can someone clarify from which date is new rate of 14% Service Tax applicable?
  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    The date of applicability of Service Tax @14% has not been announced yet.

    The date of applicability would be announced after a few months.

    Till that time, the Service Tax Rate would be 12.36% only.
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  3. bhupesh72

    bhupesh72 New Member

    i don't agree with mr. batra's answer, somebody please guide.
  4. Debjani Mitra

    Debjani Mitra New Member

    Bhupesh, service tax is notified in the Gazette, and the new rate comes into effect from that date.

    The budget has just come out, it can be notified in Gazette any month may be March or May or July etc.

    Previously as well, there have been cases wherein the revised rates have come into effect from June/ July

    So if you do not agree with our answers, not much we could do about it.

    The rule is, service tax notification is published in the Gazette, with "effect from" clearly printed.
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  5. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    @bhupesh72 : The memorandum to the Budget clearly states that the new rate of Service Tax of 14% would be applicable from a date to be notified at a later stage.

    Kindly refer Pg 44 of the Memorandum to the Budget 2015. It is the 1st thing mentioned about changes in Service Tax Rate and its date of applicability.

    You can download the Memorandum from this link -

    Feel free to post in case of any other query
  6. KSS Prasad

    KSS Prasad New Member

    Yes I agree with # Mr. Karan Batra
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