Date on Stamp Paper for Articleship Registration

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  1. manisha mittal

    manisha mittal New Member

    i passed ipcc 1st group in nov 2013..
    i have nt registered yet for articleship.. hav filled my form.. i have shown my date of commencement of articleship as from 01-03-2014. but the stamp date on form no 102 is 11-04-2014.
    is this valid.. will i have any problem with these dates.. plss help.. as the last date is 30-04-2014.
    plss reply...
  2. Sandeep Raj

    Sandeep Raj New Member

    Usually date of DD or Date of stamp paper whichever is later will be considered as Date of commencement of articleship.
    Since you havent sent your form to institute yet, better u contact staff in ur office who takes care of these things.
    These things usually be done by office staff, there is nothing to worry.
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