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  1. saiprasath

    saiprasath New Member

    My previous employer not issuing Form-16, even several followups.
    I do not know how to file Income tax return.

    (Previous employer not releived me from my job, i have left one month after waiting for the releiving letter ,but sent communication to my employer by mail)

    Is there any other options to get my form16, which required to file my it returns.

  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Inform your previous employer that as per S.203 of the Income Tax Act 1961 , it is mandatory to issue TDS certificate [Form 16] if the tax was deducted from the salary within the prescribed time limit , failing to which the penalty u/s 272A can be imposed for a sum of Rs. 100 per day for each day of default.

    Form 16 is not necessary to file the return, you can file it on the basis of payslips. You will have to do computation of taxable salary. However, main point here would be, whether the TDS has been deposited (if applicable)
  3. saiprasath

    saiprasath New Member

    Thanks for your kind help sir.
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