Deduction amount of Medical expenditure of senior citizen(being assessee himself)

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    RAJANEESH V R New Member

    Sir, One of my relative is a senior citizen...she got pension as she was a teacher...she incurred minimum Rs.25000 every year for medical expenditure such as treatment,checkup,medicines etc due to old age problems...She have no medical insurance....Is she got these amount as a deduction from Pension ? If yes,upto which extent?


    • Section 80DDB provides exemption for medical treatment expenses on you and your dependent patient for certain diseases
    • Exemption limit is Rs 40,000 per year. If you or your patient is a senior citizen then this exemption limit is Rs 60,000
    • You need to submit Form 10I, issued by a specialist doctor working in Government hospital certifying the disease and criticality of the disease, to claim this exemption
    • The list of diseases covered are – Dementia, Dystonia Mascular Deformans, Motor neuron disease, Ataxia, Chorea, Hemiballisums, Aphasia, Parkinson disease, Malignant cancers, AIDS, Chronic reneal failure, hematological disorders, hemophilia and Thalassaemia
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    RAJANEESH V R New Member

    k she can claim expenditure of Rs.5000 as health checkup in 80 D evethough she did not take medical insurance?
  4. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    To, sirs reply I wish to add that;
    Health insurance premium is covered u/s 80D.

    It was mentioned that assessee does not has health insurance due to old age. I wish to clarify that only in case of very senior citizens (aged 80 or above) , who does not has medical insurance can claim deduction u/s 80D on account of medical expenditure.

    As far as preventive health check-up is concern then it is admissible to the extent of 5,000.

    RAJANEESH V R New Member relatives age is 75...i think that she will not get Rs.5000 as deduction for health it?
  6. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Sir, I said in my previous post that
    I re-iterate ,its admissible.

    RAJANEESH V R New Member

    k thankyou more question
    1) I monthly deposit Rs.2000 to post office account opened in my own name
    2) I monthly deposit Rs.1000 to post office account opened in the name of my daughter
    3) I invest Rs.36000 to Post Office Time Deposit in FY 2015-16
    Question :
    Shall we claim these contributions as deduction?
    If yes,
    how we can show this as a deduction from Total Income?
    How many year we can claim this,both monthly and Time deposit?
    is post office time deposits and bank time dposits deposits are eligible for deduction only in 1 AY(ie,relevant to thePY)?
    kindly answer me immediateLY
  8. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the delay, I have some serious issues with my eyes owing to which I am completely discontinuing the forum for some time.

    None of the above is eligible for deduction.
    u/s 80C , deduction can be availed if the FD are for 5 year. They are called tax saving FD and it would be written so specifically on the FD documents.

    If the interest is upto 10,00o then no tax is deducted by the post office.

    Income from all the above cases is taxable and you should declare the interest income in your return.

    For more help you can ask @V K Khanna Sir, as I might not be able to answer your further query due to eye problem. Plus Sirs knowledge aswell as the experience, in the field of investment related matter is much higher than mine.
    You can ask @Karan Batra Sir also, he too has vast knowledge and experience and that too more than mine.
  9. V K Khanna

    V K Khanna Active Member


    Your identical query a days back has already been answered in this forum. We have nothing more to add what @ZED has stated
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