Deduction under 80c for HL

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  1. vaibhavee

    vaibhavee New Member

    One of the bank is providing HL to its employee at Simple Int. The Interest amount each year t/f to separate A/c, When principal is paid than employee start paying Interest amount. The Interest amount is claimed as and when its t/f to separate a/c in that corresponding year u/s 24.

    Now my question is that can employee claim the amount u/s 80c when he is paying installment for Interest payment?? which already claimed by him u/s 24????
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    An installment consist of principal amount and the interest amount.

    U/S 80C, deduction is claimed towards principal amount,
    U/s 24 , deduction is claimed towards the interest portion.
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