Details on PF (Provident Fund)

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  1. PriyaLaddha

    PriyaLaddha New Member

    Hi ,
    I am quitting my job and I don't want to withdraw my PF amount now. So is it possible for me to continue my PF account without any credits for 2-3 years ?
    a. If yes, what will be rate of interest I will earn on that amount ? and later when I want to withdraw , what will be the procedure for the same ?
    b. If no, then what is the tax percentage I will have to pay on withdrawal of that amount ?

  2. Pankaj Nautiyal

    Pankaj Nautiyal New Member

    u can use your pf account no in new company if u not withdraw your pf. rate of interest on pf is 8.75%.
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