Difference between CA Articleship Trainee and Normal Trainee

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  1. Mehul saxena

    Mehul saxena New Member

    do trainees and articles mean the same in CA?
  2. Aditi Gulati

    Aditi Gulati Active Member

    Trainee is a very wide term and is used when a person who has not yet qualified is hired whereas Article Trainee is a CA Student who does his compulsary articleship training under a CA.

    Practically, even after completion of the 3 years of articleship training, many students continue working somewhere. Or even before the commencement of articleship - some students work so as to gain exposure.

    Such trainees are referred to as interns/paid assistants/ trainees.

    Disclaimer: The above has been answered in the context of CA Students only.
  3. Mehul saxena

    Mehul saxena New Member

    Ok i got it. Thank you for your valuable time.
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