Differences in Form 16 and 26AS generated through TRACES.

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  1. ram.prakash

    ram.prakash New Member

    Dear Sir.
    I am working in a company and a salaried person. Recently I have received form 16 from Company/Employeer, both Part A( generated from Traces and) & part B provided by Employee.
    In part B provided by Company/Employee the Amount(Salary credited) under different quarter is not matching with part B of form 16. The gross amount under srno 8 of part B should match with part B of traces.
    To me employee when asked replied that this is becouse that out of 12 month for 3 month we have not deducted TDS from your salary and therefore the salary for this particular 3 month is not reflected in Traces.
    The TDS not deducted from my salary was in the month of April,October & December and therefore the respective salary is not counted in traces Part A.
    Secondly, in Traces part A total TDS deducted and deposited to Govt is more than what has been shown in form 16 part B.
    To summarise in short the salary what I received is shown correctly in part B but TDS deducted is shown less as compared to part B. Similarly in traces TDS deducted is shown correct but salary paid and credited to government is not correct.
    Kindly advise what shall I do and what amount shall be considered for filling return.
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Let me see the form.
    You may mail it
  3. ram.prakash

    ram.prakash New Member

    Dear Sir,

    Enclosed please find the form 16 (Part A and B).
    Kindly advise.

    Ram Prakash

    Attached Files:

  4. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    I have doubt in respect of one information. Kindly cross check the TDS (month wise) with form 26AS. I wouldn't bother much if the 26AS is showing 731,222 as the TDS amount.
    Otherwise, it appears to be fine. If there has been no tax deduction then entry will not be appearing in form 26AS and the same would be the impact in form 16 Part A, but if in later period there was tax deduction then in respect of that, there shall be entry in form 26AS and will have the same impact in part A of the form 16.

    There is difference in TDS amount. You can claim the refund of extra tax which has been deducted.

    In nutshell , no issues. You are entitled to refund (if you do not have other taxable income other than the one disclosed to your employer).
  5. ram.prakash

    ram.prakash New Member

    My concern is that employer paid me actual salary of Rs. 2991270 (as per Sr Nos 8 of Part B) and total TDS deducted by employer is Rs. 731222 as mentioned in Part A.
    The details mentioned above is correct.
    But, amount paid/credited in Part A is Rs. 2807349 (actual paid to me is Rs. 2991270) and Tax Payable shown as per Sr No 16 of Part B is 667488 but actual TDS deducted is Rs. 731222.
    Kindly suggest me which one is correct, Part A or Part B and secondly, while filing return which amount should i consider under head Salary Rs.2991270 (Actual paid to me but not reflected in Part A ) or Rs. 2807349 (As mentioned in Part A but not reflected in Part B).

    Ram Prakash
  6. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Its alright, part A and part B are different. In part A you will see only that portion on which tax has been deducted.
    While filing the return you should refer to Part B.

    Tax Payable and TDS [Tax deducted at source] are 2 different things.
    In this case your tax has been deducted more but payable by you is less.
  7. ram.prakash

    ram.prakash New Member

    Sir, but the amount deducted under head salary is also not matching with Part A & B. Does not it implies that as per Part A & B , company is hiding or not disclosing correct salary of Employee to government.

    In this case as per Part A salary is Rs. 280734 (less) but as per part B company is showing Rs. 2991270 (more salary).

    Even with such discrepancies shall i proceed ahead with Part A.

    Please advise.
    Ram Prakash
  8. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    No, as already explained this is because of non deduction of Tax on certain income.

    Sir, I think you are getting a bit confused.
    Did you checked 26AS as I adviced to you?
  9. ram.prakash

    ram.prakash New Member

    Sir, As suggested by you i have checked the same. As said in my first mail the TDS was not deducted from my salary in the month of April,October November & December.

    To explain again, TDS for the month of April was not deducted since the accounts team was busy with some other work and they said that the same shall be adjusted in the coming salary. From May to September they have deducted TDS of Rs. 731222 and later realized that excess TDS has been deducted and therefore for the month of October November & December they didn't deducted any salary.
    Actual salary what i received is Rs. 2991270 on which actual TDS is 667448 as shown in Part B of form 16 but in Part A salary shown is Rs. 2807349 and TDS deducted is Rs. 731222.
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