Do the service tax registration mandatory for new firm

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  1. Mayurjpce

    Mayurjpce New Member

    I am a Chartered Engineer and want to start new proprietorship firm. as per rule service tax registration is not mandatory for turnover under 9 lakh a year. Then should I charge S. Tax to my client?

    Logically I should not charge. but if moving further in any future year it would not exceed 9 lakhs then also I do not have to do service tax registration?
  2. @Mayurjpce,
    If you are not registered under service tax you cannot charge the service tax from your clients. Once you charge/collect service tax from your clients it is your first and formost liability to pay it to the Govt. within the prescribed time limit.
    You rightly said that if your gross turnover does not exceed Rs. 9 Lakh in a financial year you will not be required to get the registration mandatorily under service tax.
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