Does ICAI do Revaluation before showing Certified Copies

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    MANI GUPTA New Member

    ssomebody plz tell me that
    if i apply for certified copies, then it will automatically first be revalued, and then sent to me revaluation would be done ,only the scanned image of copies woul be sent???
    also inform me , is there any scope of refund of fees paid for certified copies??
  2. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    1. If you have only applied for obtaining certified copies - Revaluation wont be done. Only the scanned copies would be sent.
    2. In case you are interested in applying for Revaluation as well, you would be required to file a separate application for the same.
    3. In case there is any error in the certified copies and ICAI accepts the error - the fees paid by you will get refunded. In case ICAI does not accept the error - fees will not be refunded.

    MANI GUPTA New Member

    thankyou maam
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