Does ICSI increase Marks in Verification of CS Answer Sheets

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  1. svv

    svv New Member

    hi, i am a cs executive aspirant doing 1 module at a time and have got aggregate of 232 in module i., company law - 34, cost and management-71, economic and commercial law - 51 and tax laws and practice 69. My query is is there any chance for me, in the re-verification of marks.
    Any body has gone through the process and emerged successful.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Sahil Oberoi

    Sahil Oberoi Member

    There is a 1% chance of a person clearing after re-verification of Marks.

    But if you are hopeful of clearing and think that you certainly deserve much more than this, then you should certainly go ahead.

    You never know that you may be in this 1% category.
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  3. svv

    svv New Member

    Thank you mr.sahil. i have applied for the re-verification. let me see how it goes. I am going to submit my examination application for for both the groups. let me see how it goes. will keep you updated.
  4. svv

    svv New Member

    Another clarification please. as per the exemption that the institute as given me, i get exemption in 3 papers and have to write only company law. so now will i have to get 40 or 50 to pass this paper.
  5. Manoj Mehra

    Manoj Mehra Active Member

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  6. svv

    svv New Member

    @Manoj Mehra thank you for the prompt reply. if you see the marks mentioned in the first post, i assumed i was getting two exemptions and had to write the other two papers but decided to write all the four if need be. but when i enrolled myself for the exam, i was surprised to see exemption in 3/4 papers and i had to only write the one single paper. i am keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
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