Due Date for TDS for payments made on 31/3/2015

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  1. Hitesh Bham

    Hitesh Bham New Member


    Please guide me a suppose I am made payment on 31/03/2015 after deducting TDS, which is the due dates for TDS payments (Salary, Rent, Interest, Rent-Machinery etc) say all TDS section.

    Please guide me.

    Hitesh Bham

    UMESH PANCHAL New Member

    Dear Hitesh,

    TDS Payment for the month of March'15 for Salary & Other Paymts due date is - 30/04/2015 and Last date of Return Filling for the Quarter Jan'15 to Mar'15 is 15/05/2015.

    Umesh Panchal.
  3. Hitesh Bham

    Hitesh Bham New Member

    Dear Umesh Panchal,

    This 30/4/2015 is for Provision made on 31/03/2015 or actual payment made to employee or party.
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