E filing -- unable to fill column for 80G

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  1. k j sastry

    k j sastry New Member

    I tried to e file my return. In section C the coloumn for 80G (C11) remains grey - not taking my fill in. It is not that I exceeded the limits for 80G. Able to fill all other deduction coloumns. The details:
    Pension: 189776
    Int on FD: 222563
    Int on SB: 28660 making a total of 440999
    Under exemptions I have to claim
    80 C: 100000 (ELSS)
    80TTT: 10000
    80G : donations: 12500
    80GGA doination : 10000

    Kindly say where is the defect?
    K J Sastry, Hyderabad
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