E-learning For CA.

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  1. Ramashnker Tripathi

    Ramashnker Tripathi New Member

    According to my experience E-learning For CA is good option. it is better than the regular classes we join and used to sit there for whole day and many times get bored because of that.it has its own benefits but also have so many disadvantages as well. for Example
    1. No time for other activities. 2. Too little span of time for self study which is much needed For a CA student. 3. High rates of fees charged 4. No flexibility of time. you have to be attend each and every class. 5. Travelling 4 hours everyday to juggle between your coaching classes. This is my view some people may be disagree with this.
    Online classes has its benefits and have no much disadvantages.
    1. Flexibility in lectures. you can access lectures from any where at any time without any problem.
    2. Near about half rates of fees charged. not everyone can afford regular classes it cost minimum 40000 INR .(According to my knowledge)
    3. Best Professors available for less cost from all over India.
    4. You can revise your lectures at any time if you get confused in any terminology.
    5. You can manage plenty of time for your other activities.(however in a life of CA student other activities really MAttERS..? ):rolleyes:

    At last according to me Superprofs.com is best for Online classes. If anyone ask me i will only refer Superprofs it is the best..! http://ca-ipcc.superprofs.com/ this link perfect for CA-IPCC students they also teach CPT and Final. i highly recommend to visit on time and see the difference.
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