Effective date of applicability of New Service tax Rates & Preparation of Challan

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    ABCDEF New Member

    Please can any one suggest me the effective date of applicability of new service tax rates??
    And also how will be the challan as per new rates be prepared?
    Is it that we have to show 14% service tax + 2% svach bharat abhiyan both separately??
    Or directly add 16% under the name of service tax in the challan??
  2. Shishir Nayak

    Shishir Nayak Member

    The new Service Tax rate shall come into effect from a date to be notified by the Central Government after the enactment of the Finance Bill, 2015 which is awaited.
    2% of Swachha bharat cess is for all services or for some specified services is yet to be clarified by Central Govt. So please wait till notification released by CG
  3. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    As guided by Shishir, I would like to reiterate that new Service Tax Rates are not yet applicable.

    Moreover, the Swachh Bharat Cess is also not yet applicable. Swachh Bharat Cess if introduced wont be levied on all services but only some services to start with. More clarity regarding the services is awaited from the govt.
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