Employer Details in ITR 1 for Pension Income

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  1. V K Khanna

    V K Khanna Active Member

    PAN details of the employer in SCH S in ITR 2 are optional and can be left blank. We can simply write the name and address of the Deptt from where the pensioner retired and pension amount recd during the fy. These particulars are enough to complete the SCH S in ITR 2.

    However, in ITR 1 if the bank has deducted tax on pension and issued Form 16, you have no option but to furnish Bank's details in SCH TDS1, otherwise TDS amount will not be uploaded in PartD of the ITR 1.

    In cases where Form 16 is not issued by the bank and no TDS is deducted, a Pension Certificate is enough to mention your pension income in the Return and SCH TDS 1 in ITR 1 can be left blank. Same is the case if Form 16 is issued by the Bank but no TDS is deducted.

    This is the best we could think of under these circumstances.
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  2. mskhurana

    mskhurana New Member

    These all are our ideas...which differ. There should be a concrete rule on it so that there should be no confusion.
    I think bank is writing their name as 'Name of Employer' on pensioners from Central govt, must be following a clearly written rule.

    J S TANEJA New Member

    Please enter SBI and its TAN NO. in TDS1 As it has deducted the Tax. Giving any other Tan No. will create problem. As I mentioned in my previous posting, in ITR FORMS it should have been mentioned NAME OF EMPLOYER/TAX DEDUCTOR in TDS1 COLUMN to avoid confusion in the mind of Tax Payer. As regarding EMPOYER CATEGORY you can mention GOVT. from where your Pension comes.

  4. mskhurana

    mskhurana New Member

    Thank you very much J S Taneja sir,
    I hope you are right. Though it is wrong as per the logic that 'I am not employed any where now, so no one should show me as his employer' or 'I am receiving pension from Air Force hence Air Force is my employer'.
    It is right because Bank is dealing me financially, Bank is cutting TDS from my pension. Bank is showing its name on the form 16 issued by bank.
  5. Amit Sahni

    Amit Sahni Active Member

    The name of the employer wherein you were working can be mentioned as employer name and mention their address as well.

    Mentioning PAN No. is optional and you can skip mentioning the PAN No. in this case
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