ESOP offer as CTC before employment

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  1. Jyoti Swarup

    Jyoti Swarup New Member

    Whether a company can offer ESOPs as a part of CTC to a propsective candidate? If so offered and no. of ESOPs are negotiated before joiing, whether these are considered a part of salary?

    If FBT on ESOP is added to the CTC in total package offered, and the company forces employee to sign a bond after joining for ESOP allocation, even though not informed before joining, whether it is valid in the eyes of law. Whether Employee is liable to pay back ESOP and FBT valuation, if the bond period is not completed due to this disagreement in employment terms? Especially FBT which was a offered part of CTC before joining. If a reputed Company has been using this method to defraud prospective employees, what is recourse an ex-employee will have.
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