Exemption of Capital Gain when New Home Purchase in Wife Name

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  1. Vishal Kaneria

    Vishal Kaneria New Member

    Recently I Have sold my house and Purchased new house in my wife name but home loan is done on my name and total payment done from my account.
    Please Gide me I am eligible for Capital Gain Exemption U/s. 54 or 54F. How?
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    The person who has taken the loan should be a co-owner in the house property as well to claim deduction.

    Therefore, in your case - you cannot claim deduction
  3. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    However, in case your wife transfers a small stake in the property to you - then you will become a co-owner and can claim full deduction
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