Failed 5 Times in IPCC. What should I do?

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  1. Anand sankaran

    Anand sankaran New Member

    Actually this may is my 5 the attempt
    I don't how to start again .
    My friend is going appear final examination
    Even I didnt join the college
    Now I am 21 years
    My peers are in good position
    They got job .relationship will be in good when u are in good position otherwise we have face awkward situation.
    Even I secure 1114/1200 in my higher secondary .now I am getting scared about my future
    Whether I have chosen a wrong decision.
  2. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    I understand your concern.

    Its not easy to face failure. However, CA Exams are very unpredictable.

    Many people clear IPCC in more than 5 attempts but dont take much time in clearing CA Final and are now well settled.

    Dont waste time in thinking about something which has already happened. Start thinking about how you can make a better future
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  3. Anand sankaran

    Anand sankaran New Member

    Can you pl say how to present the theory papers?????
  4. anirudht96

    anirudht96 New Member

    never give up ... :)
    think what did u do wrong in past 5 attempts.and u ill see mistakes which u have committed in last few attempts.
    yaa after 5 attempts u ill get frustrated.. by reading same...
    when i was writing 3rd attempt... i just had thought that i ill study till the last exam without any other thinking..
    what i have prefered materials are
    last 5 years rtp. only and last exam days icai theory.. that's all ...
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