fee recipt book for doctor

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  1. sir after ending of finacial yeas on 1 aprill after midnight recipt no start from 1 or next to previous finacial year i.e 2014-15 ( 2.) on recipt should i print finacial year also

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    Dear Doctor,
    Don't think so much, be happy and comfort with your God Profession.

    It is good if you print Receipts, and take little bit efforts for maintaining accounting records.

    Recently we have attended some IT Scrutiny for Doctors. Who have not maintain receipts, but however they maintain a simple Cash Book stating Daily Cash In and Out, which was sufficient for ITO to compute tax liability.
  3. sir can you suggest any book for record maintance for a doctor

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    @brij bhushan gupta

    Dear Sir,
    I will advice you to take following steps:
    1) Receipt Book - If you are keeping Receipt Book (Than Well and Good) Be Sure that it must also be Carbon Copy book.
    2) Simple Cash Book - Which will show Cash In and Out, be sure that you will tally cash balance every day i.e. Cash as per Book and as per Hand in Physical.
    3) Keep a Trend - That every day or Alternate day you deposit daily Cash Collection in Banks.
    4) Expenses - As much as possible see that you do all payments via Bank.
    5) Medicine & Equipment Stock - Maintain a Simple book for Stock, at every Month end count Stock and write it cost.
  5. thak a lott for valuable guidance
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