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  1. Deepti007

    Deepti007 New Member


    I am a tax payer. I was living in a shared rented flat worth 20K per month with my share being 8K per month. I have a valid rent agreement for the time period 2015 t0 2016.
    I am working in a private IT firm. I missed specifying the HRA and submitting the rent agreement in the financial year. Is there a way while filing for ITR if I can show the HRA and get exempted for (8*12 K).

  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    You can claim it in the return, for the period specified by you but w.e.f. F.Y starting from 2016, you are mandatorily required to submit the proof to the employer.

    Claim exemption as per Rule 2A
    Lowest of the following is eligible for exemption.
  3. Deepti007

    Deepti007 New Member

    Thanks for your reply Zed.

    But where will I be able to upload the rent agreement while filing the ITR? And should I directly deduct Rs (8000*12) from my Gross salary mentioned in the form 16 and start with this new amount as the B1 (Income from Salary/pension) ?
  4. Shoban Singh

    Shoban Singh New Member

    When you are calculating HRA for tax exemption, you take into consideration four aspects, which are
    • Salary
    • HRA received
    • Actual rent paid
    • Place of residence i.e where you reside, a metro or non-metro city. Tax exemption for HRA for a metro city(Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi or Chennai) is 50% of the basic salary, while that for non-metro cities is 40% of the basic salary.
    Basic Salary for the purpose of HRA Calculation is Basic pay + Dearness Allowance + Commission based on fixed percentage on turnover and excludes all other allowances and perquisites. If the rent paid by you does not exceed 10 per cent of your salary , then you get no tax exemption on the HRA received. As per income Tax act, for calculation House rent allowance least of the following is available as deduction.
    • Actual HRA received
    • 50% / 40%(metro / non-metro) of basic salary
    • Rent paid minus 10% of salary.
    If you want more assistency drop a mail ..
  5. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    You do not need to upload it.

    Ma'am , in my previous reply I explained that exemption shall be restricted to the lowest of the amount as prescribed in Rule 2A.
    It is possible that actual exemption is less than 8000*12

    Claim exemption as per Rule 2A
    Lowest of the following is eligible for exemption.

    NITINSHARMA30921 New Member

    Hi Deepti

    Please mail me your form 16 at [email protected]. I will see and try to incorporate the maximum.

  7. UniqueUsername

    UniqueUsername New Member

    I missed the deadline for submitting rent receipts to employer. Moreover, my rent is more than one Lakh a year. Can you please confirm whether or not I can claim relief in the return? Thanks
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