Foreign director's Loan and Import of machinery

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  1. Shital

    Shital Member

    Dear Sir,
    We are in process to incporate Company with 1 Indian Director and 2 foreign Director. We need your help in the following matter :
    1. Can foreign director sign subscribers sheet in the foreign country, If yes then how ?
    2. What is to be done at the time of obtaining subscrition money of aforesaid foreigner ?
    3. what are the compliances after obtaining loan from foreign director ?
    4. Can foreign subscriber pay money on behalf of the proposed company for purchase of machinery ?
    5. Can you please share check list for import of machinery from china and japan ?

    Please help me out.
    Kindly share check list, if posssible.
    Many many thanks,
    Regards, Shital [email protected]
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