Form 16A for purchase of property from NRI

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  1. vshukla22

    vshukla22 New Member

    Hi Karan,

    Information provided by you in this forum are very helpful. I want to thankyou for posting TDS related information provided in blog in simple and understandable words.

    I have few queries regarding TDS filling. I have recently purchase a property from NRI. I deducted 20.60% as TDS before making final payment to NRI seller. I have also paid this TDS amount as challan using form 281 in the nationalized bank.

    If I understand correctly then I need to generate and provide Form 16A seller. I have received my TAN number as well as an individual.

    I am confused on how to generate Form 16A for seller. I am trying to do it through Traces which directs me to efilling website. When I am trying to register TAN as individual and selecting authorized person as myself only ( since I am doing it on my behalf), the next page in registration section is considering me as organization and asking me to input some mandatory details like Landline number and FAX number which I dont have. I am not sure whether I am following right way or not.

    Can you please assist whether I am correct ?

  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    Dear Sir

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I understand from the above query that you have deducted and deposited the TDS. However, you have not mentioned anything about the TDS Return.

    Form 16A would be generated only after you have submitted the TDS Return. The due date for filing TDS Return is 31st Oct for the period July to Sept.

    You may also refer this video regarding TDS on Property
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