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    ABHINABA New Member

    My mom is a housewife & she has a total income of Rs. 2,13,000/- in financial year 2015-16 which includes FD interest income of Rs. 2,11,000/-. As her income is less than basic exemption limit she has submitted 15G with her bank . Those FDs( all FDs are with one SBI branch) started on Nov,2013 & she had submitted 15G for past FYs also. But this time bank issued Form 16A to her & instructed to file ITR to validate 15G. During e-file(for the 1st time) i crosschecked the data with Form 26AS & found all is o.k. But i have a doubt with the data itself - where the amount paid/credited is shown as Rs. 53/-. By downloading the 26AS of FY 2014-15 I found that status of booking was 'U ' , amount paid/credited - Rs. 3037/- with Rs. 305/- was shown as TAX deducted/ TDS deposited.

    What is the meaning of those data?
    During E-FILE i have shown Rs. 53/- as TDS & claimed refund for Rs.50/- with tax payable = 0.
    Please let me know if any corrective measure can be taken for those past TDS.

  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Not sure why that value was coming, although as such I do not see any issue because the income is below taxable limit. Maybe they did this to authenticate the form 15G.
    Never came across this.
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