Form 26AS

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  1. Shahroukh Demeri

    Shahroukh Demeri New Member

    Immovable property held by Mr. A and Mr. B. However, the name of Mr. B is for convenience and the property is reflected as Asset of Mr. A only.
    On sale of the property, the buyer deducts TDS (1% of the sale consideration) and pays tax erroneously as 0.5% for Mr. A and 0.5% for Mr. B.
    How can this be rectified ? so as to have the full 1% TDS for Mr. A.
  2. every convenience will create inconvenience under income tax act.

    in my opinion:

    in general, you can modify TDS return and you can get total TDS to Mr.A only

    but in the case of 194IA, it cant work because while paying challans he has to mention PAN of the seller so once paid challan can't modify.
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