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  1. Anjana

    Anjana New Member

    Hi Experts,
    Please help me on the below issue:
    I am planning to start a "Proprietorship" for sale of "Sambar powder" within Taminadu state(Which is my place of stay for 25 years).
    Since this will be a newly established start up, should it require company registration? Because from the post on VAT, I see that dealer who sell more than 5lakhs/10lakhs turnover per year is liable for registration.

    I already have a TIN number automatically generated as a result of acknowledgment form through "registering dealer online". Please let me know,
    -> If I have to complete the registration of my company (or) can I carry on my business with "the generated TIN number as mentioned above " and get my start up registered within 30 days of reaching 5Lakhs/ 10 lakhs amount?
    Since am completely novice to all this, am confused reading the rules and less assistance from the circle of commercial tax authority too...
    Please help me resolve this.
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