Gain knowledge of Ind AS/ IFRS thru Android App

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  1. Sameer Gupta 88

    Sameer Gupta 88 New Member


    As you all are aware that IFRS professionals are in heavy demand by the employers, it is advisable to have a mobile app for Ind AS/ IFRS in your phone.

    Studying Ind AS daily thru the app will surely be of huge benefit.

    The App is also having the facility to ask any query on Ind AS/ IFRS to the professionals.

    Plz have a look and share your feedback.

    Android App for Ind AS- Useful as the MCA mandate of Ind AS applicability is just around the corner- Developed in a book format- Easy to navigate- Facility to pose query on Ind AS- Regular updates and short notes on Ind AS- Comparisons with IFRS

    If you like it, share with others.
    If you dont, share with us :)

    Thanks & regards
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