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  1. Apurba Shaw

    Apurba Shaw New Member

    Dear Sir,
    This is a repetition of my post dated August 15, 2016 which is yet to get your attention.
    1. Please advise whether deed registration is must for a gift of Rs.10,00,000/- made to my son aged 23 years.

    2. Will the income generated from that gifted sum be clubbed to my income?

    Sincerely awaiting for your expert opinion.

    With Gratitude,
    A. Shaw
  2. Vishalvj

    Vishalvj Member

    1 Yes of course and it's not gonna cost u much.
    2. No as he is not a minor.
  3. Apurba Shaw

    Apurba Shaw New Member

    Thanks a lot for your valued opinion.
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