GMCS I for PCC Students

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  1. Kusuma Achar

    Kusuma Achar New Member


    I have cleared my Inter (1st group in PCC scheme and completed articles in same scheme in 2011 later as per new scheme registered for IPCC and cleared unit 8 in 2014) by this both groups of IPCC/PCC cleared.

    Now I am going for Final registration:
    Which GMCS is applicable for me, since during PCC registration there was only one GMCS after Inter whereas now there are two one in before one year of articleship and after Inter/IPCC another.

    As per my view since I have already completed articles in PCC the GMCS one is not applicable for me.

    Please guide me I want to take exams in November 2015. What are eligibility to take up exams.
  2. Anand Jain

    Anand Jain Member

    GMCS I is applicable to students who have started Articleship after 1st May 2012.

    As you have started Articleship before 1st May 2012, therefore GMCS I will not be applicable in your case. Refer:
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