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  1. Sujay Jain

    Sujay Jain New Member

    The tenant assuming that landlord is not registered under GST, paid GST amount due for month of July on the rent amount for commercial office to the government. However, the landlord informed that he is registered under GST since July and has also paid the GST amount due on the rent. It is a case where double tax has been deposited with the Government. On asking the tenant to deposit the GST amount with the landlord along with the rent, the tenant mentioned that the GST was deposited in B2C column as the GST number of landlord was unknown and hence the tenant cannot claim refund from government and the same cannot be transferred to landlord.

    I want to know if there is any other way in which the landlord can convince the tenant to deposit the GST amount along with rent for that month, as this is a loss to the landlord because he has paid the GST from his pocket but is technically due to receive it from the tenant.
  2. Naveen Chand

    Naveen Chand Member

    @Sujay Jain
    gstr-3b is not the final return as it is only provisional base return to pay gst tax monthly basis . . . and you can rectify the same above problem in gstr 1
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