Hard Copy of ITR Sent after Due Date

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  1. Hi All,

    I had uploaded ITR-1 of A.Y. 2013-2014 on date 21-07-2013. But I forgot to send hard-copy of ITR to Income Tax Department, Banglore. I send hard-copy on 01-Dec-2014. Income tax department has received ITR-1 on 27-12-2014 and added status as "ITR received after due date". I checked this information on my e-filing website.
    There were no pending tax to pay of year 2012-2013 (a.y. 2013-2014). I have already paid tax also for that year.
    My question is, is there any charges for late receiving ITR-1? Means IT office do some punishment for it or They will process ITR-1 of a.y. year 2013-2014?
  2. Dear Rahul,
    As per my view, there is no penalty for not sending the ITR V to the CPC within the stipulated time (i.e 120 days from filing the ITR) but in case of non receipt of official acknowledgement of ITR (i.e. ITR V), the ITO will not process your return and it will be considered as return has not been filed.
    In your case, there was extension of time for sending the ITR V (You must have received the mail from the I.T Dept for this on your registered mail id) but probably you didn't care about it or might not have read/checked your mail.
    Now your online filed return may be considered as null/cancelled and a notice for fresh filing of ITR may be sent to you. The ITO may initiate penalty for not filing the ITR which may be upto INR 5000.
    Stay alert or seek advice from someone for your financial liability/burden...
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  3. gaurav_kumar

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  4. I have send hard-copy after that also . They will send me notice of fresh filing of ITR and charges of 5000 rs ? Means they will not process my ITR and will send notice for fresh submit..?
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  5. I asked 2-3 CA. Two CA told me that , Though i have send hard copy of ITR after due date then also I.T. office will process it. but another one told me that they will not process. I am very much confused now and final date to re-submit ITR of a.y. 2013-2014 is coming closer i.e. till march 2015. can anyone one tell me what i need to do.?
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    @Rahul Babasaheb Patil

    You are required to send the ITR V within 120 days. However, in some cases - the tax department extends the time line for sending the ITR V.

    If you send the ITR V after the stipulated time, your income tax return would be treated as Null and void as if it was never filed.

    In such cases, you would be again required to file the income tax returns. As the normal due date for filing has already lapsed - you would be required to file a belated return. A belated return can be filed within 1 year from the end of the Assessment Year.

    The income tax officer may or may not levy a penalty of Rs. 5000 for late filing of income tax return

    I hope I have clarified all your doubts.

    You may also refer this link - http://www.business-standard.com/ar...-tax-returns-verification-114111701160_1.html

    Feel free to ask in case of any other queries.
  7. For a.y. 2013 to 2014 , I send signed copy of ITR after due date. On my portal, It shows status as "ITR Received after due date" then it has changed to "ITR Received". Till long time status is not changing, So I had called to Customer Care. He told that till I.T. office will not process ITR of a.y. 2013-2014 , I can not file revised return. Is it true or i need to file re-wised return soon before march 2015.?
    Can i file re-wised return of a.y. 2013-2014 after march 2015.? e Filed Returns Forms.png
    See below attached screenshot.
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