Housing Loan Interest benifit in Income Tax

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  1. siddhartha pandey

    siddhartha pandey New Member


    My wisfe is the owner and home loan is in her name only. From last few years she is not working and i am paying the EMI. Can i get the tax benifit in this case.

    If yes what all document is required for this case.

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    No, you cant Claim Benefit,
    > Loan is in name of your Spouse,
    > EMIs are being paid from your Spouse Bank A/c.

    Benefit can be avail under section 24, 80C, 80 EE* only if, Housing Loan is in name of Assessee, and Installments are paid from his/her own bank account.
  3. johnsmitchals

    johnsmitchals New Member

    You should go through a Bank they will help you for home loan, currently there are many options in your front because every bank want to offers a Home Loan at 10.5% rate of interest, but for this you need a full documents of your identities and you income proof.

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