How can a Salaried Employee pay Advance Tax himself

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  1. Vijay B N

    Vijay B N New Member

    Hello Sir,
    I am salaried employee and i joined a new company in November 2015 and they deducted a TDS of Rs. 44500 as taxes for this fiscal year. My previous company has deducted a TDS of Rs.243418.
    When I calculated the tax I see that I need to pay Rs 95750 as remaining tax for this fiscal year.
    My question is, how do I pay this Rs 95750 to income tax department?

    Can I use "Advanced Tax Payment" option available under ITNS 280 and then pay this amount?
    OR is there any other option to pay my remaining tax I owe before March 31st?

  2. nafeesa

    nafeesa Member

    within 15th march advance tax liability should be discharged.Otherwise 1% interest u/s 234c should be paid.
    now the due date is crossed & nothing to do so.
    pay balance tax after advance tax & interest at the time of filing of returns.
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