How is Ray & Ray CA Firm for Articleship?

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  1. Mita B.

    Mita B. New Member

    Having completed my articleship from Ray & Ray, I think I am more than qualified to answer your question. If you really value your C.A degree, then you should not join this firm. I am a girl, and I have spent the majority of my 3 years doing a non-stop Desh-Bhraman, even kicked out of the country for a continuous period of 2 months. So if anyone says that only boys are sent for out-station audits, they are grossly mistaken. The first question they'll ask you is "Are you ready to go out of station?", and heaven save you my friend, if you say yes. Because once chosen for out-station, you keep being sent over and over again. The moment you refuse, you'll be shown the door.

    RnR has some of the top companies in the country as clients, and you'll enjoy your 3 years, you'll learn a lot. Provided:

    1) You forget that you have to study and appear for your exams.

    2) You have to simply drop any course you're pursuing, including your graduation, you'll have to be crafty if you want to complete your grads.

    3) Your illness won't save you from being sent out of station, unless you are within an inch of death; and neither will you be allowed to come back from wherever the hell you are sent.

    4) Leaves for your exams?? If you can clear them at once, well and good. For the second attempt, you can grovel on your knees for leave.

    Management has changed drastically, and I won't say I liked the environment during my last few months. You can join Big4 for all your trouble. In case you do get through to RnR, ye have been warned. Enjoy!
  2. ajay basoya

    ajay basoya New Member

    How somebody can compare ray n ray with big 4. Its a totally mideocre firm now. They don't even have good clients now. And ray n ray Delhi is worst.

    If ray n ray Kolkata and Delhi branch doing the audit of same client together. Then Kolkata branch team will get the TA and u will get nothing at Delhi Branch .

    So u can imagine who are taking the money students. Without involvement of top level person its not possible. And Kolkata is not involved in it.
    And leave u- u will get 2 months for final and 10- 15 days for IPCC at Delhi branch.

    And if u ask for same TA which others branches are getting then u will be enemy of partners .

    Students ke paise maar letey hai, phir bhi sharm nahi aati, ulta him pe hii chadtey hai. Baddua lagegi in he toh ek din bachchon ki.
  3. prolinc

    prolinc New Member

    Ray & Ray was established in Kolkatta in 1922 and later opened offices in Delhi in 1960's. It currently has several offices accross India.
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