how to approach venture capitalist

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  1. hemanth14

    hemanth14 New Member

    Dear sir,
    I have one business plan with me and i want to take copyrights for that.Is it possible?

    I do not have sufficient funds to proceed further then whom i need to contact for investment in my business plan.Because so many people having money with them but they do not have sufficient plans to earn money.

    My humble request is provide details of those venture capitalist addresses who are interested do business through online portal like flipkart.Investment needed at least five lakh rupees.

    By the way i am introducing myself.My name is Hemanth Kuppala and i am persuing CA and CMA final.

    Thanking u sir
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    There are various competitions wherein Big Investors invite people to submit their ideas and in case they get selected - they receive huge funding.

    I recently read wherein Mahindra's were organising such competition. Sandeep Maheshwari also recently organised 1 such competition. You can search google for more on this.
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  3. I really appreciate your initiative. Instead of seeking job after completion of professional courses, your plan to do business is welcome. Since your amount of investment is not huge, you can seek help from your friends and relatives. If not possible, as Neha said, you can search google for venture investors. All the best.
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  4. hemanth14

    hemanth14 New Member

    Thnq so much for u r encouragement and support..could u pls tell me how to find out investors to proceed further..
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  5. hemanth14

    hemanth14 New Member

    Thnx for reply neha..could u pls tell me the way how to consult those people.Because i do not know such proceeds.
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