how to beacome CFA charter after Mtech. (mechanical) ?

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  1. Akah tiwari

    Akah tiwari New Member

    my age is 25 years and i have completed my B.E. in 2014 took a year drop out to know what i wish to do next
    was unable to decide so under peer pressure persued my Mtech.
    n ri8 now iam project Tranieein L&T,switchgear,Vadodra with stiphend of 7k pm
    but after spending few months in here i wish not to be in Technical any more.
    obiviously i need to complete my Mtech (May'17) so i cannt lev it in middle.
    but now was thinking to do MBA in finnace but frm online blogs i read that it is not suffeicent to get indepth knowldege of subject so while surfing i came to know about CFA.
    now i wish to know
    1. is there any possiblity of me switching into this feild n if yes than how i can do it and what are minimum years i wud need to complete it cuz i know nothing abut COMMERCE...?
    2. even if i complete it till my 30 years than what is prospectus of this cause now more people are getting so will market be satuturated till i pass ?
    3. what are chances that firm will hire a person who had bit weavring mind set like mine ?
    4. how to know wthere i really like finnace or is it jst grass luks greener on other side ?
    5. is it possible that i clear level I with my job as engg. so that i can sponser my studies?

    reply ASAP....
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