How to claim interest paid as Homelone before the possession?

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  1. Praveen Kumar Patro

    Praveen Kumar Patro New Member


    I have taken a homeloan from 2010 & i have paid nearly 2 Lakhs as interest every year. So total i have paid 6 lakhs as interest so far. i got my house possession in July 2014. Interest for 2014 till june is 50K &
    2 Lakhs from July to Mar-2015. How i can claim the benefit from Interest? The property is not rent out & may not be rent out.

    I heard that interest paid before possession can be claimed in next 5 years after possession. Is it within the 2 lakhs limit or additional to that. Please guide.


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  2. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    For Self Occupied property - it would be in the 2 lakhs limit

    For rented out property - there is no limit...
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