How to Claim Refund of Excess Service Tax (Krishi Kalyan Cess)

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  1. anandsb16

    anandsb16 New Member

    Hello everyone.
    I have transferred excess service tax (Krishi Kalyan Cess) to the government so please tell me the solution to claim the excess tax.
    The case is as follow.
    I have filed the service tax return via online mode.
    Service Tax 14% + Swachh Bharat cess 0.5% + Krishi Cess which is 0.5%

    I have paid excess Krishi Kalyan Cess by mistake. Example. The Krishi Kalyan Cess was Rs. 600 I have paid Rs.6000.

    Please let me know the solution to claim back or adjust the excess Krishi Kalayan Cess paid.
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