How to complete CA,CS,CWA at 23 year of age

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  1. I came to know that a Delhi girl named Pallavi cleared her CA,CS,CWA at an age of 23.
    my query is that how to comlete the same in a short duratinn.
    is there any exemptions are available???
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    Thanks for sharing this useful information

    I'm assuming the following factors would have given her benefits of clearing all the 3 at such a young age:-
    1. The Indian Education System is such that some students get benefit of 1 year (because of their Date of Birth)
    2. She may have enrolled for CA Course through the PCC route in which the minimum time for completion is 3.5 years
    3. There is a tie-up between CS and CWA Institute and they provide several exemptions to students of these courses.
    Moreover, the article only says at the age of 23 years. Whether it was 23 years and 1 day or 23 years and 364 days is not mentioned anywhere.

    Irrespective of whether any of the above assumptions applied in her case or not, but clearing all these exams at such a young age is certainly commendable.
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  3. Thanks for the appreciation @Nehaji...
    as far as my knowledge is concerned after completin of CA in addition to relaxation of foundation in CS&CWA there may be exemptions also claimed in executive and professionals subject to certain conditons.
  4. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    Agreed.... She may have claimed several exemptions..
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  5. I thought why do people go for multiple courses(viz.CA/CS/CWA/CFA/CMA/CPA)???
    when they are allowed to practice in one field.
    Should those who are looking future prospective in the field of Practising &
    cosultancy ,need to choose one domain and go ahead with same,take a right decison,select the one that best suits their interest and true abilities and skills too.
    Only those having future prospective in the following areas:
    >To be recruited in Corporate sector(MNC's).
    >Academic(Teaching/Coaching classes)
    >Project financing/financial advisor/merger&acquisition
    >Banking & financial services.
    should go for the Multiple courses???
    @Nehaji need ur favour and valuble recommendations in this regard.
  6. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    I agree with your viewpoint.

    In my view, people opt for multiple degrees for a couple of reasons:-

    1. In the 80's and 90's - passing percentage in these courses used to be less than 1%, so to be on the safer side - people used to opt for all 3 courses in the hope that they will clear atleast 1 Course.

    2. In India, people value Degrees more than Knowledge. Some people think that having more Degrees will bring more success so people opt for many such courses.

    3. Many people also pursue such courses just because their friends are doing it without understanding what benefit it will give them.

    There may be other reasons as well.

    And the above reasons are only my views of what I think why people opt for all 3 courses
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  7. @Neha Ji Thanx for shareing your views nd knowledge.
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