How to correct unintentional mistake after filing tax return before specified time ?

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    I filed online return in ITR- 1 before due date . While doing so , I did not opt for ITR-V but opted for EVC ( Electronic verification code ) The same could not be processed. Now I cannot file ORIGINAL RETURN again . I tried to file REVISED RETURN u/s 139(5). It requires COMMUNICATION REFERENCE NUMBER of the original return. When will I get it ? Will I get it without sending duly signed ITR-V by post. ITR-V could not be generated by me as I kept on trying for EVC but without success. What to do Pl ?
  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    You cannot file a Revise Return without the communication reference no.

    Infact, I fail to understand why do you want to revise the return. Login to your income tax efiling account and you'll get the options to verify the return.

    No need to revise the return
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