How to file Revised return - ITR 2

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  1. Prabal

    Prabal New Member


    I need to file a revised return as the tax filing web site had a glitch and some rows got interchanged in the actual ITR 2 which was filed !

    What is the process for this ? Does one have to send ITR V again ? Any other steps different from regular filing ?

    Many thanks
  2. anurag1413suj

    anurag1413suj New Member

    Steps are similar to regular filing. Only note that while filing revised return just choose the option "Revised" and give Receipt No. of Original return and then send revised return to ITC.
  3. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    Yes, i agree with @anurag1413suj

    The process is fairly simple and the same like regular return filing except for the fact that you have to choose the option "Revised" and give the receipt no. of the original return and send the ITR V
  4. Kaberi

    Kaberi New Member

    I have 2 queries .
    1. I have deposited tax online on 14/03/2013 as self Assessment tax (300) for the assessment year 2012-13 by mistake . It should have been Advance tax(100) and assessment year would be 2013-14 . I submitted return online on 24/8/2013 us 139(4) . I mention there assessment year 2013-14 .
    Now I have received computation us 143(1) from income tax department that there is no tax credit at all on that assessment year .
    How can I rectify this unwilling mistake ?(Change of assessment year and type of payment in tax credit head)
    2. On that year ie AY 2013-14 in return us 139(4) I input my pension credit and SB interest in column"INCOME FROM SALARY' instead bifurcating into two heads ie income from salary and income from other sources .SO THAT I CAN CLAIM SB INTEREST US 80TTA .
    How can I rectify ?
  5. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    Dear Kaberi

    Yes, you can file the Revised Return for AY 2013-14 anytime before 31st Mar 2015
  6. Kaberi

    Kaberi New Member

    Thanks Akanksha23 . Please reply my question 1 .
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