How to get intimiation u/s 143(1) if Income tax return filled manually

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  1. Neha Agarwal

    Neha Agarwal Member

    Sir, I have a client, whose "Demand details as shown u/s 143(1a) of 2 financial years of which income tax return were filled manually. It is well know fact if return was filled manually, intimation u/s 143(1a) can't be view online. I want to know how to get intimitation of the years in which manually return filled? would one need to visit department to get it or is there any process to get it online???????

    Its urgent......
  2. S K Singh Raj

    S K Singh Raj New Member

    I want to know , when i take tax credit , when not
  3. Chandrashekar M

    Chandrashekar M Active Member

    There is no process to get it online. You can apply for the copy of intimation U/s.143(1) to the AO before whom you have manual income tax returns
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