How to Give Response to Defective Return

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  1. amarender

    amarender New Member

    I Received defective return with ERROR CODE 31. I filed ITR 4 with No Accounts case. my receipts is rs 671215. I claimed expenses 351050 I showed remaining balance as Income (320165) . I have TDS. I claimed total TDS on My Return but dept treated defective. I have Refund in My return, what i am doing for claiming of MY refund? pls give me Valuable inputs to me?

    May i will select or not Maintain books of accounts U/s 44 AA (Whether "yes or no" )?for above case ? (Earlier I select Under 44 AA with "NO").

    Earlier I filled Only P/L A/c With No Accounts Case filled.( earlier I didn't Give Any details About cash, debtors, Creditors and Stock - with in No Accounts case).

    For Giving of response to It Dept With I giving
    1).Full particulars of B/s and P/L or 2).Only No Accounts Case Details Like-
    (a). In B/s- Only Debtors, creditors, stock, Cash
    (b). In P/l - Only Gross Receipts, Gross profit, Expenses ? plz Give Valuable Suggestion about that, I have to Remaining Days left only 1 day for giving response. My response date will end Tom morrow, pls advice me?
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