How to pay Income Tax on Pension Income

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    PRASAD T New Member

    I am an ex-serviceman drawing pension and employed in BSNL. My income from pension is below the taxable income and pension distributing authorities not deducting the tax at source.
    Up to recent time BSNL (MY PRESENT EMPLOYER) deducting the income tax for pension
    and salaries.Due to software change BSNL authorities refusing to deduct the combined tax.
    Now how can pay the income tax for my pension?.Is it correct practice to pay income tax separately?. Can any body give any suggestion for me.

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  2. Dear Mr. Prasad,
    You can pay your tax either online through Netbanking or by cheque.
    It's employer's responsibility to deduct your TDS on your income declared by you (Presumming that you have declared your other income like pension etc. to your Present employer) but if any way, your employer does not deduct your TDS on your other income it does not mean your are absolved from paying your tax separately.
    You can pay your tax separately for other income as Advance tax within the prescribed time as per I.T Act.
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