How to recover extra TDS paid against 1% TDS payment for Property Purchase

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  1. Shubha Brata Roy

    Shubha Brata Roy New Member


    I made a mistake while paying the 1% TDS deducted for Property Purchase, on the TIN gov website. I chose the Netbanking payment option over a weekend and scheduled a payment for the next day. The payment didn't go through for the next two days and assuming that the payment schedule got failed, I re-initiated the payment through the portal. Though this time the payment was successfully made, I realized a day later that the scheduled payment also went through after a lag.

    So now the situation is that I have made double the payment to the TIN portal. Is there a way I can recover the money? Please advise!
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Not an easy way for sure.
    First, try to talk with your deductee and see what he says, try to explain him that he has got double deduction and claim its refund. The amount can be recovered but with umm.. extra efforts. Its not going to be a straight forward way.
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